She found great pleasure from inside the embarrassing the pair of them

She found great pleasure from inside the embarrassing the pair of them

Although a young child, Azula shown a good duplicitous and you can wise streak, just like the exhibited whenever she controlled their mommy to obtain the girl way.

Azula often shown her natural strengths, together with her inclination to have malice and excellence, but these attributes was specifically obvious in the event the little princess played with this lady friends from the royal garden during the 95 AG. When Ty Lee efficiently performed a beneficial cartwheel shortly after Azula’s failed take to, she shoved the woman friend into soil off jealousy while laughing gleefully. When she saw ten-year-old Mai trying to mask the woman smash on her behalf sibling Zuko, Azula made use of the woman acting and imaginative so you can persuade the woman mom in order to build Zuko have fun with him or her. Throughout their video game, she placed an apple to your Mai’s head and place they with the flames, pushing Zuko to try out Mai for the a water fountain to get away new flames. [13]

Ursa’s banishment

A real tactician, Azula wanted electricity off a young age, recommending one her father tends to make a much better Flames Lord than the latest heir apparent, the lady cousin Iroh. She torched a toy one to the girl buddy got sent this lady once the something special from the World Empire, preferring the newest weapon Zuko have more than a simple doll. Not long after that, her cousin Lu Ten try killed from inside the competition, compelling Iroh in order to forget their legendary half a dozen-hundred-date siege out-of Ba Play Se, which in turn caused Azula to call your “good quitter and you may a loss”. She even shown particular slight disrespect to the woman pops, while the when she was advised to call your “Flames Lord Azulon”, she answered that have, “Can not we simply call him parent? He isn’t exactly the strong firebender he was once”. [13]

Once finding this development, Azula and the rest of their relatives ran before Flames Lord Azulon, and you will she wear a spectacular monitor regarding this lady firebending power. Just after the woman techniques, she spotted smugly since the Zuko attempted to backup their overall performance however, failed. Whenever Azulon ordered people except Ozai out from the place, Azula got their sis and hid at the rear of the newest drapes. Following that, she and you may Zuko noticed their father request that he be manufactured Flames Lord rather than Iroh. When Zuko fled in concern about new Flame Lord’s anger, Azula stayed about to look at which have activities. She after came across their cousin back into his space, stating gleefully that she read their daddy sentence your so you can dying. She taunted your about this up until its mommy angrily pulled the lady aside getting a private talk. [13] Under some pressure out of Ursa, Azula admitted just what she read and you can was told through this lady mom to consult with her place, which she did which have an excellent devious smile. [16] A short time afterwards, Azula played with the fresh new knife you to Zuko had been administered regarding Iroh and you can coolly established so you’re able to your one to not one person know in which the mother was and their grandfather had died overnight. After you to, she spotted their dad’s coronation having pleasure. [13] Zero friendly ideas build between the woman and you will Zuko from the next long time, due to the fact Ozai frequently started initially to favor the lady about over their sister during this period.

Increase to Crown Princess

Azula, near to Iroh and you will Zhao, noticed Zuko’s Agni Kai with his father. When Ozai burnt the woman brother’s face, she beamed smugly inside the achievements, and additionally Zhao. [17] Whenever Zuko is actually banished in the Flame Country, Azula technically turned into Ozai’s heir. For another 3 years, she would keep the girl relentless learning firebending, approach, and you can treat up to she understated herself enough to serve their dad. By this time, the woman firebending cutting-edge to the point where the girl flame are bluish, and you will she you will definitely would lightning, ergo increasing the girl complete twisting stamina and you will power, to make this lady an sitios de citas para mujeres overwhelming adversary.

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