FlexJobs’ 2017 succeed Flexion extra study, our 6th yearly study of the fashions operating the task convenience fluctuations, offers a ton of information about versatile perform.

FlexJobs’ 2017 succeed Flexion extra study, our 6th yearly study of the fashions operating the task convenience fluctuations, offers a ton of information about versatile perform.

While others regarding the outcomes are anticipated (employees across all age ranges wish even more career convenience), our review produced some unexpected finding.

To appreciate more about what job seekers wish in work convenience, most people won a greater plunge in to the feedback FlexJobs been given from a lot more than 5,500 individuals that resolved our very own study questions. Full link between our very own research covered an easy range of issues linked to operate flexibility, from improved output of remote workers, to organizations renting for isolated activities.

It might probably appear as not surprising many FlexJobs analyze participants seek remote perform (60%), and a big part (62percent) explained they’ve put or regarded as making a position since it would not present versatile operate selection. But various other reactions to review comprise a whole lot more sudden, and granted experience into how, and why, versatility number eventually job seekers.

Go and visit these 15 unexpected discoveries about job hunters searching for versatile get the job done.


  • Adaptable work is not just important to employed mother. Emphasizing the wide appeal of functioning freedom, 40% belonging to the 5,500+ participants was without children. While employed people are certainly helping travel the pliability development, there are numerous job seekers without child that find and worth work versatility.
  • Millennials are usually in the spotlight of the job market for quite a while since primary proponents of versatile function, although price of response from old staff members got around much like those from more youthful people looking for work on troubles bordering work mobility. Participants for the 20-29 age bracket ended up being 11per cent—roughly the same as the 11.5percent responses speed for the 60-69 generation.
  • 70per cent of participants have at minimum a bachelor’s level or a graduate diploma, demanding the delusion that work-from-home projects, iraniansinglesconnection logowanie particularly, are merely offered in lower-level activities.

The way that they work/job lookup:

  • Certainly not freelancers juggle a number of performances. With the 1,300+ survey respondents which characterized themselves as freelancers, 38percent stated having 1 gig each time; 51percent juggled 2-3 gigs at any given time; 8percent bring 4-5 performances at the same time and 3percent convey more than 6 performances at once.
  • Although co-working rooms have actually not too long ago obtained focus as a beautiful workspace trend, only onepercent offered these rooms while the preferred area to become once they have to get vital function complete. 52% choose their house company for maximum yields.
  • Using social media marketing in one’s tasks look has grown to be more widespread; but 26percent said you should never now use any social networks applications within their career pursuit.
  • Con artists targeting on the web job hunters continue to find victims, despite warnings against them. 8% happen scammed after and 5% have-been swindled at least one time. ten percent see anyone who has really been the victim of a career con and 12per cent uncover more than one person is the prey of a position scam.
  • Countering the idea that working from home may moisten career potential, the vast majority of respondents—72percent—said they are certainly not stressed that a flexible jobs agreement will injured his or her profession progress.
  • Even though some respondents claimed they will be prepared to switch some positive aspects to need efforts flexibility, for instance vacation opportunity or 401K advantages, 43per cent asserted that shouldn’t be needed. This really stronger signal that work convenience isn’t thought about a negotiating approach or perk but, increasingly, an expected job perks.

The reason they want adaptable efforts:

  • 16percent of survey respondents talk about wellness or disability includes is an issue in why these people research flexible services. The good thing is, more companies are selling versatile work if you have disabilities , particularly remote opportunities that enable professionals to put together homebased practices.
  • Negative commutes commonly unusual. 31% of participants claimed creating roundtrip commutes greater than 2 hours.
  • it is not all the concerning the dollars. Work-life balance (72per cent) am an important factor for job seekers whenever evaluating a position thought, ahead of earnings and versatile timetable (69%).
  • In spite of the increasing price of health coverage, 17% of participants explained they will work health insurance from the manager in exchange for the opportunity to telecommute.
  • Pliable job hunters love operating, with just about two-thirds (64per cent) of participants reporting that they move both since they will need to function and would like to operate. One more 11per cent succeed exclusively given that they should.
  • As almost all individuals say it works to pay for basic products, repay financial obligation, save yourself for knowledge, or travel, well over one fourth (27percent) work to create cause and 15per cent work to help supporting the company’s mom.

Helping people looking for work considering unearthing flexible projects, FlexJobs recently discovered the absolute best 30 businesses selecting freelancers , the ultimate 25 companies selecting for isolated employment , and so the top 15 providers for operating folks .

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